From its beginnings in the year 1888, Parish Patience has gained and maintains a reputation for superior, prompt and effective legal services to the corporate and business world as well as the private community.

Now the team of professionals has firmly focused on the desire to maintain and enhance that reputation well into the twenty-first century.
Organised in broad-based areas of speciality, the members of the firm cater to a diverse array of clients, both local and international. Understanding client needs, the firm has been able to achieve that unique mix of offering timely and cost efficient advice to both the very large and smaller clients.

This is a new column in development since July 2023. Only recent latest cases are reported. All legal issues raised here are based on actual cases, although some facts have been altered/omitted to protect clients' privacy. If you need further information in relation to these reported cases or any other cases we handle, please contact our Practice maanger [email protected].

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Authorities set up by governments exercising administrative functions play an ever-increasing and direct role in an enormous range of activities in modern society. Vast decision-making powers are committed to government authorities and tribunals and it is the lawyers function to ensure that those powers are kept within legal bounds to protect the citizen against their abuse.

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Migration and Visa
Migration and Visa

Australia is the fastest-growing developed country in the world, partly because of its long term policy on immigration. Parish Patience has become a leader in the field of immigration law, particularly on the laws relating to business migration, employment visa, residence, status and citizenship. We offer advice and services in such area as:

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The keystone to the firm’s success is the maintenance by the directors of a close working relationship with their clients, to establish and maintain a thorough knowledge and understanding of the client’s needs and aspirations. That philosophy is imparted to all members of a group working to ensure advice and service is appropriate and effective.

While specialisation is an essential part of the modern law firm, the requirements of individual clients and their industries transcend each area of speciality and the firm organises its work and staff in response to the particular needs of its clients, rather along strict subject matter lines.

Information for Clients

In Australia, individuals who provide migration advice or migration assistance must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) Click here to Access MARA Code of Conduct


“Thanks for the GOOD NEWS ….. Thank you for THE GREAT JOB DONE and your patience and endurance all this while with us for answering our enquiries / calls / email. Regards and thanks M & H [457 visa]”
“That is AMAZING NEWS. Thanks so much for everything you have done. I would love to come to the office and thank you personally when I’m in Sydney. Thanks D [Partner visa]”
“Thank you for another great outcome. These are life changing opportunities for M and D, together with all the others you have assisted in their journey towards PR status. Kind regards G [457/482/186 visa]”
"Dear Diana and Connie, I would like to express my gratitude for your professional guidance and help throughout the process. You will be highly recommended to all my friends and family as always without any hesitation! And we will definitely contact you next year as instructed to proceed with the PR application. Thanks Kindest Regards, H & S"
"Thanks a lot for your helping. If you do not help me, i don't know what will be happened with me. You saved me from a big danger. I can never forget your help. Thanks, D D"
“Dear Diana, I want to say BIG BIG THANKS for your professional services and personal interest in my case over the years you have provided. Because of your constant efforts on every step of my case finally made special day for me and now I become responsible Australian Citizen. I really appreciate your true and pure efforts. I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. You are a true example of sincere, dedicated and professional migration solicitor. I admire your willingness, energy, and organizational abilities Please accept my sincere THANKS. Regards, M D [Citizenship]”
“Many thanks Diana, really appreciate your good support, as always, you made things happen. Kind Regards K D - NT”
“Dear Diana, Thank you and your team. I have no word to express how happy I am; it's a 14 years journey to get the residency. It's one of the greatest day I have had in last 14 years. I have a great appreciation in your knowledge and critical thinking, eagle eye Hildrun has done great job. Thank you for everything. A k”
“Good morning Diana and Hildrun, I would like to express the thanks from me and my family to you for your helpful professional job. You've done a perfect job and it help me to get PR so quick. I believe that you will going well on your business in the future. I will recommend Parish Patience Legal & Migration Services When I have any chance. T L”