Parish Patience was established as a commercial law firm in Sydney CBD in 1888. The name of “Parish Patience” came from the family names of two former partners of that firm. Over the last 130 years, the firm changed many partners/owners, the name and the  business structures modified several times. Diana Tong, our director joined Parish Patience Solicitors and Attorneys in January 1996 and became a Partner in that firm in  1999.

Parish Patience Migration Services Pty Ltd was registered as a company in NSW in July 2007. Previously, we operated at level 1, 338 Pitt Street Sydney  as the A team responsible for most of its business, employment and work related visa and migration service. Over the last twenty years, we served hundreds and thousands of businesses and individuals.

In 2015, we moved to our purchased office at level 3,123 Clarence Street Sydney to enable us to expand our team and be close to major transport centres. To our clients convenience, our office is close to Wynyard Train Station and the Bus terminal ( right behind York Street Sydney CBD ).  

Our company  is committed to establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients. We have clients for which we have been associated with for 20 years and in some cases for over three generations of a family. We have clients  who are in the world top 100 largest companies. We also serve banks, government agencies, small businesses and individuals including state leaders, prominent business people, farmers, workers, students, refugees, pensioners and stateless children.   

Our clients are from all over the world including America, African countries, Afghanistan, Britain, Bangladesh, France, Germany,  China, Chile, India, Mongolia, Russia, Switzerland, Poland, Nepal, Korean, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Pakistan, Lebanon, Italy, Ukraine, Iran, Iraqi, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, UAE, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Myanmar, Fiji, New Zealand, Venezuela, Mexican, Ireland and many South American countries.    

We also have the expertise and experience in providing additional legal services to our clients including amongst others, immigration litigation, conveyancing, commercial leasing, business purchases, family law, divorce and traffic/criminal law matters as well as other Court related matters especially when they are combined with immigration law matters.

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