General Legal Services


Authorities set up by governments exercising administrative functions play an ever-increasing and direct role in an enormous range of activities in modern society. Vast decision-making powers are committed to government authorities and tribunals and it is the lawyers function to ensure that those powers are kept within legal bounds to protect the citizen against their abuse.

Parish Patience provides advice to clients on their dealings with government authorities, the decisions made by them, and the institution of any necessary appeals to particular tribunals exercising review authority over such decisions. One of the major areas where such reviews are often necessary is immigration.


Parish Patience prides itself on its ability to give the same care and attention to detail to the individual client as it provides its larger clients and offers services in such areas as:
• Buying and selling of properties and businesses
• Personal injury and damage claims
• Divorce and de facto problems
• Wills, probate and estate planning
• Police matters
• Consumer protection
• Employment problems
• Neighbour disputes
• Debt recovery
• Taxation
• Small business advice