Australia is the fastest-growing developed country in the world, partly because of its long term policy on immigration. Parish Patience has become a leader in the field of immigration law, particularly on the laws relating to business migration, employment visa, residence, status and citizenship. We offer advice and services in such area as:

·       Temporary and Permanent Work Visas

o   Employer Nominated, Regional and Sponsored Visas – SC186, 482, 494, 191, 457 visa transfers

o   Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) – SC400

o   Temporary Activity (including visa required due to COVID-19)  – SC408

o   Training – SC407

o   Global Talent Employer Sponsored and Labour Agreements

·       Business and Investment Visas

o   Business and Investment – SC188, 132, 888, 890 and 892

·       General Skilled Migration

o   SkillSelect and General Skilled Migration – SC485, 189, 190, 491, 191


·       Partner and Family

o   Partner – SC300, 309/100, 820/801

o   Parent – SC103, 804, 143, 173, 864, 884

o   Remaining relative – SC835, 115
Carer – SC116

o   Child – SC101, 802


·       Refugee & Humanitarian

o   Protection SC866, Temporary Protection SC785, Safe Haven Enterprise (SHEV) SC790

o   Humanitarian – SC200, 202, 204


·       Student

o   Student – SC500

o   Student guardian – SC590


·       Resident Return, Citizenship

o   Resident Return – SC155, 157

o   Citizenship


·       Visitors and Holidays Makers  



·       Visa cancellations, Refusals, Detention and Deportation

o   Visa Cancellations, Detention and Deportation s501 Matters

o   Administrative Appeals Tribunal Matters

o   Immigration Assessment Authority Matters

o   Appeals to the Federal Circuit Court, Federal Court of Australia and the High Court of Australia

o   Ministerial Intervention Request under s351 and s417 of the Migration Act


·       Health and Character Cases